HP Server Memory

If you are looking for certified original HPE Server memory then we have got you covered. IT Yuda offers a wide range of both current and legacy memory modules for all HPE Proliant servers.

Why does increasing HPE server memory matter?

  • Getting the Most Out of your CPU.
  • Having lower amounts of RAM means that your CPU needs to pick up the slack. When that happens, there may not be enough memory on hand to deliver data from the hard drives to the CPU. By choosing to expand the HP server memory, you can prevent this issue and keep your servers running fast and efficiently.
  • Prevents Shortages Adding
  • HPE smart memory avoids memory shortages in the future as well as slowdown in productivity now or when resource requirements may be added later. It also reduces the risk of overloads that could slow the server and lead to potential data loss.
  • Cost Efficiency
  • While it may not solve every issue, adding memory is more cost-effective than investing in a new server or another CPU. If the setup you have is still operating efficiently, why spend the money on new equipment? Increasing memory can add years of use to a reliable server.
  • Productivity
  • Having enough memory for every user and process is critical in avoiding downtime or slowdowns. Maintaining a reasonable amount of memory prevents those issues and supports productivity. Users shouldn’t have to wait to access data or applications on the server. Reliable network access means all tasks can be completed without wasting time.

    Contact us to check if the HPE memory kit for your server is available. We can always find what you need and ensure that it gets delivered within a reasonable time.

    • P00924-B21 - HPE 32GB 2Rx4 PC4-2933Y-R Smart Memory Kit
      $475.00 CAD

      P00924-B21 - HPE 32GB 2Rx4 PC4-2933Y-R Smart Memory Kit

      HP Enterprise

      Product Description HPE SmartMemory - DDR4 - 32 GB - DIMM 288-pin - registered Product Type RAM memory Capacity 32 GB Memory Type DDR...

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      $475.00 CAD